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A simple tutorial Here we would like to show the very basics of PHP in a short simple tutorial. See the section titled What can PHP do for more information.

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What do I need? In this tutorial we assume that your server has support for PHP activated and that all files ending in.

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On most servers this is the default extension for PHP files, but ask your server administrator to be sure. If your server supports Bináris opciók taktikája málna then you don't need to do anything. Just create your. There is no need to compile anything nor do you need to install any extra tools.

Let's say you want to save precious bandwidth and develop locally.

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In this case, you'll want to install a web server, such as Apacheand of course PHP. You'll most likely want to install a database as well, such as MySQL.

You can install these individually or a simpler way is to locate a pre-configured package that automatically installs all of these with just a few mouse clicks.

It's easy to setup a web server with PHP support on any operating system, including Linux and Windows. In linux, you may find rpmfind helpful for locating RPMs. Your first PHP-enabled page Create a file named hello. Our first PHP script: hello. Although this is outside the scope of this tutorial, see also the DocumentRoot and ServerName directives in your web servers configuration file.

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The file does not need to be executable or special in any way. Think of it as a normal HTML file which happens to have a set of special tags available to you that do a lot of interesting things.

This program is extremely simple and you really didn't need to use PHP to create a page like this. If you tried this example and it didn't output anything, bináris opciók taktikája málna it prompted for download, or you see the whole file as text, chances are that the server you are on does not have PHP enabled.

Ask your administrator to enable it for you using the Installation chapter of the manual. If you're developing locally, also read the installation chapter to make sure everything is configured properly.

Az NTFS -t a linux alpaból nem tudja írni. Ez ha jól emlékszem telepíthető Neutrinóra is. De nem érdemes felvételre használni, mert előfordulhat adatvesztés.

If problems continue to persist, don't hesitate to use one of the many PHP support options. The point of the example is to show the special PHP tag format. For more details, read the manual section on basic PHP demo számlaegyenleg módosítása. If you wish to recommend an editor, please visit the above page and ask the page maintainer to add the editor to the list.

Having an editor with syntax highlighting can be helpful.

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Notepad adds a. When you save the file and are prompted to provide a name for the file, place the filename in quotes i.

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Alternately, you can click on the 'Text Documents' drop-down menu in the save dialog box and change the setting to "All Files". You can then enter your filename without quotes. Make a call to the phpinfo function and you'll see a lot of useful information about your system and setup such as available Predefined Variablesloaded PHP modules, and configuration settings. Take some time and review this important information.

Something Useful Let's do something a bit more useful now. We are going to check what sort of browser the person viewing the page is using.

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In order to do that we check the user agent string that the browser sends as part of its HTTP request. This information is stored in a variable. Ahová pénzt lehet fektetni, hogy gyorsan pénzt keressen always start with a dollar-sign in PHP.

It's known as an Autoglobal bináris opciók taktikája málna Superglobal. See the related manual page on Autoglobals for more information. These special variables were introduced in PHP 4. Although deprecated, these older variables still exist. See also the note on old code. To display this variable, we can simply do: PĂŠlda In the above example we printed an Array element. Arrays can be very useful. A list can be seen in the Reserved Variables section of the manual or you can get a complete list of them by creating a file that looks like this: PĂŠlda You can put multiple PHP statements inside a PHP tag and create little blocks of code that do more than just a single echo.

For example, if we wanted to check for Internet Explorer we could do something like this: PĂŠlda We have an if statement. If you are familiar with the basic syntax used by the C language this should look logical to you. If you don't know enough C or some other language where the syntax used above is used, you should probably pick up any introductory PHP book and read the first couple of chapters, or read the Language Reference part of the manual.

The second concept we introduced was the strstr function call. Otherwise, it's not. Feel free to create similar examples, with ifelseand other functions such as strtoupper and strlen. Each related manual page contains examples too.

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The important and powerful point to note here is that the logical flow of the script remains intact. The basic concept that is important to understand is that any form element in a form will automatically be available to your PHP scripts. It is a straight HTML form with no special tags of any kind.

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When the user fills in this form and hits the submit button, the action. In this file you would have something like this: PĂŠlda A sample output of this script may be: Hi Joe. You are 22 years old. It should be obvious what this does. There is nothing more to it. Notice how the method of our form is POST.

Using old code with new versions of PHP Now that PHP has grown to be a popular scripting language, there are more resources out there that have listings of code you can reuse in your own scripts. For the most part the developers of the PHP language have tried to be backwards compatible, so a script written for an older version should run ideally without changes in a newer version of PHP, in practice some changes will usually be needed.

The following autoglobal arrays were introduced in PHP 4. External variables are no longer registered in the global scope by default.

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In other words, as of PHP 4. The preferred method of accessing bináris opciók taktikája málna values is via the autoglobal arrays mentioned above. Older scripts, books, and tutorials may rely on this directive being on. For more details on these changes, see the section on predefined variables and links therein. What's next? With what you know now you should be able to understand most of the manual and also the various example scripts available in the example archives.

You can also find other examples on the php.